NCSU Department of Communication

COM487-001::Internet & Society
Instructor: Dr. Adriana de Souza e Silva




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Part I: cyberspace and computer interfaces


Week Day Topic Readings due Presentations Assignments


Th. 01.11


course overview      
Tu. 01.16


Cyberspace vs. Internet: an introduction Briggs, A., & Burke, P., "Conclusion: Into Cyberspace?" (pp. 320-332)   Blog post
Th. 01.18 (The utopia of) cyberspace as an immaterial and libertarian place.

Robins, K., “Cyberspace and the world we live in” (pp. 77-95)

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Computers as space / history
Tu. 01.23 Computers as (narrative) spaces. What's an interface?

Murray, J., “From additive to expressive form” (pp. 65-96)

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Th. 01.25 Early interfaces

Johnson, S. "Bitmapping: an introduction" (pp. 11-41)

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Interfaces / history
Tu. 01.30

The Macintosh and the desktop metaphor: First signs of immersion in the “computer for the rest of us.


Johnson, S. “The Desktop” (42-75)

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Th. 02.01

From calculations to simulations. Computers as simulation machines.


Turkle, S. “A tale of two aesthetics” (29-49)



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Internet / history
Tu. 02.06

The Internet and WWW. Historical facts.

Abbatte, J. Popularizing the Internet. (pp. 181-220).



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Th. 02.08 Early Internet


Watch movie: The Thirteenth Floor Presentation 02: Early Internet.
Email (Ray Tomlinson), and Usenet (Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis), by Taylor Templeton and Valanda Pettis

-- mid-term 1 questions

Part II: The Internet as a social environment: space, body, identity
MUDs (community)
Tu. 02.13 The history of MUDs


Dibbell, J. “The scarlet balloon (or tinygeography, a long view and an overview)” (pp. 39-69)


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Th. 02.15 MUDs as communities

Morningstar, C., & Farmer, R., "The lessons of Lucasfilm's Habitat" (pp. 728-753).

Presentation 03: MUDs.
MUD (Richard Bartle and Roy Trubshaw), LambdaMOO, and Habitat (LucasFilm), by Rich Ivey, and Lauren Roland.


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Chats (space)
Tu. 02.20

Visualizing communication environments: 2D and 3D Chats.

Donath, J.; Karahalios, K., & Viegas, F. “Visualizing Conversations” (pp. 2023-2032)


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Th. 02.22 Chats

Donath, J. “Part I: the virtual society” (pp. 15-42)

Presentation 04: Chats. Habbo Hotel, The Palace, and Second Life, by Kelvin Tranphuoc, Jennifer Lemkes, and Rob Bradley Blog post



Educational MUDs
Tu. 02.27

computer lab class (Whiters Hall 131)



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Th. 03.01 Educational MUDs

Barab, S., et. al., “Making learning fun: Quest Atlantis, a game without guns ” (pp. 86-107)



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Spring break
Tu. 03.06

no class. Spring break





Th. 03.08 no class. Spring break



Virtual Bodies
Tu. 03.13 The construction of the online body: Avatars Thomas, A., “Digital literacies of the cybergirl” (pp. 358-382)   Blog post



Th. 03.15

Online bodies

Taylor, T.L., "Intentional bodies" (pp. 25-34)

Presentation 06: Avatars. n0time (Victoria Vesna), and Placeholder (Brenda Laurel), by William Long, and Angela Hughes


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Part III: Current Issues on the Internet
The mobile Internet


Tu. 03.20

The mobile internet: an introduction


Frattasi, S., at. al., "Defining 4G technology from the user's perspective" (pp. 35-41)

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Th. 03.22 The mobile internet: an introduction

Miyata, K.,et. al., "The mobile-izing Japanese" (pp. 143-164)




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Tu. 03.27 Wi-Fi


Rheingold, H.,
"Wireless Quilts" (pp. 133-156).



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Th. 03.29



Schmidt, T., & Townsend, A., "Why wireless networks want to be free" (pp. 47-52).


Presentation 07: Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi Hog (Jonah Brucker-Cohen); and (Katherine Moriwaki), by Elizabeth Bridenstine, and Andrew Jones.


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Ubiquitous computing
Tu. 04.03 Ubiquitous computing

Weiser, M., "The world is not a desktop" AND

Weiser, M., & Brown, J. S., "Designing calm technology"


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Th. 04.05 Ubiquitous computing Rheingold, H. "The era of sentient things" (pp. 83-112). Presentation 08: Ubiquitous computing. ParcPAD and ParcTab (Mark Weiser); CoolTown (HP pervasive computing lab), and ClearBoard (Iroshii Ishii), by Jessica Manuel, Heather Gentle, and Shawn Downey


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Wearable computing
Tu. 04.10 Wearable computing Film: Cyberman

de Souza e Silva, "Interfaces of hybrid spaces" (pp. 19-44)



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Th. 04.12 Wearable computing Rheingold, H. "Always on Panopticon" (pp.183-215)

Presentation 09: Wearable computers. WorldBoard (Jim Spohrer), and Sousveillance Grid (Andrew Collins), by Ray White, and Ian McShane


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Tu. 04.17 Defining location-based services Townsend, A. "Digitally mediated urban space" (pp. 100-105).



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Th. 04.19

Location-based services


Presentation 10: Location-based services. Geocaching, and Mogi Mogi (Newt Games), by Meghan Balfrey, and Sarah Andrews


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Digital Divide
Tu. 04.24 Digital Divide

Manuel Castells, "The digital divide in a global perspective " (pp. 247-274).



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Th. 04.26 final presentations



-- final exam due

Finals week
Tu. 05.01 Finals week (no class)      
Th. 05.03 Finals week (no class)