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COM487::Internet & Society
Instructor: Dr. Adriana de Souza e Silva




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Part I: Internet and computer interfaces


Week Day Topic Readings due Classroom activities Assignments
Cyberspace vs. Internet
Tu. 01.12


Course introduction  
Th. 01.14

Cyberspace vs. Internet: an introduction

Cyberspace vs. Internet
Tu. 01.19 Cyberspace vs. Internet

Couclelis, H. "Misses, near-misses and surprises in forecasting" (pp. 70-83)

Film: The Thirteenth Floor



Blog post 1
(texts 1/2)
Th. 01.21  


choose discussion groups


The Personal Computer
Tu. 01.26

History of the PC: Computer interfaces I


Ceruzzi, P., "Augmenting Human Intellect, 1975-1985" (pp. 243-280)

Murray, J., “From additive to expressive form” (pp. 65-96)



Blog post 2
(texts 3/4)
Th. 01.28

History of the PC: Computer interfaces II







The Desktop Metaphor (GUI)
Tu. 02.02 The desktop metaphor / GUI

Johnson, S. “The Desktop” (42-75)

Turkle, S. “A tale of two aesthetics” (29-49)



Blog post 3
(texts 5/6)
Th. 02.04  



- Video Sixth Sense (TED)

- Interface of the future



The Internet
Tu. 02.09

History of the Internet


Abbatte, J. "Popularizing the Internet. (pp. 181-220)

Rheingold, H. "Visionaries and convergences: The accidental history of the Net" (pp. 57-108)





Blog post 4
(texts 7/8)


Th. 02.11



Presentation 1:
Ellen Easter,
Ashley Magiera,
Jason Cooke .


The World Wide Web
Tu. 02.16 WWW


Hameri, A., & Nordberg, M. "From experience: Linking available resources and technologies to create a solution for document sharing" (pp. 322-334)

Berners-Lee, et. al. "The World Wide Web" (pp. 791-798)



Blog post 5
(texts 9/10)



Th. 02.18


Presentation 2:
Robert Isola,
Rebecca Lopes.


MUDs and virtual Worlds
Tu. 02.23

MUDs and Virtual Worlds


Dibbell, J. "The scarlet balloon" (pp. 39-72)

Mortensen, T. "WoW is the new MUD (pp. 397-413)



Blog post 6
(texts 11/12)


Th. 02.25





Presentation 3:
Stephanie White,
Darian Perry.

- mid-term exam questions


MUDs and virtual worlds
Tu. 03.02

computer lab class @ ITTC Labs
(Directions to the Lab)

3D Worlds:
- Second Life





Create Second Life Avatar (1)

Th. 03.04 computer lab class @ ITTC Labs
(Directions to the Lab)
Textual MUDs:
- Elisa
- Adventure
- LambdaMOO




- MidTerm due

Part II: Web 2.0

Web 2.0

Tu. 03.09 Web 2.0

Wilson, J., "3G to Web 2.0?" (pp. 229-242)

Beer, D. "Power through the algorithm?" (NMS)




Steven Johnson video (TED) Blog post 7
(texts 13/14)



Th. 03.11


Presentation 4:
Devin Bobbit,
Kishea Philips,
Megan Forman.


Spring Break
Tu. 03.16 no class. Spring break


Th. 03.18 no class. Spring break



Blogs / Wikis


Tu. 03.23

Blogs / Wikis



Bruns, A. "Wikipedia : representations of knowledge" (pp. 101-136)

Barlow, A. "The growth of the discussion boards and the birth of the blogs" (pp. 143-152)


Wikipedia video (TED)

Blog post 8
(texts 15/16)

Th. 03.25





Presentation 5:
Austin Zanella,
Stephen Conger,
Enrico Kufuor.


Tu. 03.30 Social Networking Sites

boyd, d., & Ellison, N. "Social networking sites" (JCMC)

Kim, K-H. & Yun, H. "Cying for me, Cying for us" (JCMC)



Tweeter video (TED)

Blog post 9
(texts 17/18)

Th. 04.01

Spring Holiday
(no class)





Mobile Social Networks and LMSN
Tu. 04.06 MSN & LMSN

de Souza e Silva, A., & Frith, J. "Conceptualizing locative mobile social networks"

Humphreys, L. "Mobile Social Networks and Social Practice" (JCMC)


- Blaise Aguerra TED talk Blog post 10
(texts 19/20)
Th. 04.08  



Presentation 6:
Michelle Chandler,
Catherine Parrish,
Katie Watterson.


Ubiquitous Computing
Tu. 04.13 Ubiquitous computing and network locality

Greenfield, A. "Section1: What's everyware" (pp. 9-34)

Gordon, E., & de Souza e Silva, A. "Network Locality: Putting location back into the picture"




- Tim Berners-Lee 2

- Kevin Kelly TED Talk

Blog post 11
(texts 21/22)

Th. 04.15



Presentation 7:
Evan Crim,
Leigh Tyler, Austin Zanella.




Part III: The Global Internet

Digital Divide
Tu. 04.20 Digital Divide

Manuel Castells, "The geography of the Internet" (pp. 207-246).

Sassi, S. "Cultural differentiation of social segregation?" (pp. 684-700)



- Nicholas Negroponte (2006) (TED)
- Iqbal Quadir (2006) (TED)

Blog post 12
(texts 23/24)



Th. 04.22 Digital Divide


Presentation 8:
John Lambert
Emily Gray,
Anna Riley.



Finals week
Tu. 04.27 Final class discussion    



Th. 04.29 Final class discussion     -- give questions final exam.
Finals week
Tu. 05.04 Finals week (no class)      
Th. 05.06 Finals week (no class)     -- final exam due
(leave exam until noon in my mailbox at Winston 201K)