NCSU Communication, Rhetoric and Digital Media (CRDM) program

COM701::History and Theory of Communication Technology
Instructor: Dr. Adriana de Souza e Silva




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Part I: Concepts for the study of (New) Media


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Wed. 08.27 What's new media? Texts presentation:

Manovich, "What's new media?" (pp. 18-61)

Enzensberger, "Constituents of a theory of the media" (pp. 259-275)

Baudrillard, "Requiem for the media" (pp. 277-288)

Uricchio, "Historicizing media in transition" (pp. 23-38).

Bolter, "Theory and practice in new media studies" (pp. 15-33)



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Wed. 09.03 Interface / Database Texts presentation:
(Dan Sutko)

Manovich, "The Interface" (pp. 62-93)

Manovich, "The forms: The database" (pp. 212-233)

Vannevar Bush, "As we may think" (pp. 35-48)

Engelbart, "From augmenting the human intellect: (pp. 93-108)


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Wed. 09.10

Mobility / Speed

Texts presentation:
(Jason Kalin)

Kellerman, "Technologies" (pp. 72-108)

Sheller & Urry, "The new mobilities paradigm" (pp. 207-226)

Jensen, "Facework, flow and the city" (pp. 143-165)

Wood and Graham, "Differential mobilities" (pp. 177-191)


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4 Wed. 09.17


Space / Place Texts presentation:
(Katie Fargo)

Manovich, "The forms: Navigable space" (pp. 244-285)

Castells, "The space of flows" (pp. 407– 459).

Kellerman, "Places" (pp. 128-144)

Meyrowitz, "The rise of glocality" (pp. 21-30)


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Wed. 09.24 Information / Materiality Texts presentation:

Hayles, "The condition of virtuality" (pp. 68-94)

Wiener, "Men, machines, and the world about" (pp. 65-72)

Hobart & Schiffman, "The realm of pure technique" (pp. 201-234)

Lupton, "The embodied computer/user" (pp. 422-432)



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-- proposals for final paper due (class discussion)



Wed. 10.01 Virtual / Actual


Texts presentation:
(Zach Rash)

de Souza e Silva, "Defining the virtual" (pp. 48-80)

Poster, "Theorizing the virtual" (pp. 129-147)

Lévy, "The nature of virtualization" (pp. 23-34)

Deleuze, "Incompossiblity, individuality, liberty" (pp. 67 -83)

Borges, "The garden of the forking paths" (pp. 29-34)



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-- mid-course evaluation





Part II: "When old technologies were new"




Wed. 10.08

Book / Print


Texts presentation:
(Jordan Frith)

Hobart & Schiffman, "Printing and the rupture of classification" (pp. 87-111)

Briggs & Burke, "The print revolution in context" (pp. 15-73)

Manguel, "The shape of the book" (pp. 125-148)

Garvey, "Scissoring and scrapbooks" (pp. 207-227)


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Wed. 10.15 19-20th century technologies Texts presentation:
(Jacob Dickerson)

Briggs & Burke, "Processes and patterns" (pp. 121-187)

Marvin, "Dazzling the multitude" (pp. 152-190)

Schilvelbusch, "Panoramic travel" AND "The compartment" (pp. 52-88)

Stubbs, "Telegraph's corporeal fictions" (pp. 91-112)


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Wed. 10.22

Mass Media (Radio / TV)

Texts presentation:
(David Gruber)

Briggs & Burke, "Information, Education, Entertainment" (pp. 216-265)

McLuhan, "Two selections by Marshall McLuhan" (pp. 193-210)

Adorno & Horkheimer, "The culture industry" (pp. 71-101)

Benjamin, "The work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction" (pp. 48-70)



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-- paper outline + initial sources due (class discussion)



Part III: Understanding New Media as Media

Wed. 10.29

E-text (Hypertext, Cybertext, Technotext)

Texts presentation:
(Matt Morain)


Nelson, "A file structure for the complex, the changing, and the indeterminate" (pp. 133-145)

Aarseth, "Nonlinearity and literary theory" (pp. 761-780)

Hayles, "Material metaphors, technotexts, and media-specific analysis" (pp. 18-33)

Hayles, "Translating media" (pp. 89-116)


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Wed. 11.05

Web 2.0


Texts presentation:
(Jamie Gilbert)


Hardey, "The city in the age of web 2.0" (pp. 867-884)

Jenkins, "Interactive audiences?" (pp. 134-151)

Jenkins, "Pop cosmopolitanism" (pp. 152-172)

Jenkins, "Blog this!" (pp. 178-181)

Fagerjord, "Rhetorical convergence: Studying web media" (pp. 293-326)



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Wed. 11.12


Texts presentation:
(Melinda Leonardo)

Nielsen, Smith, & Tosca, "History" (pp. 45-96)

Turkle, "Video games and computer holding power" (pp. 499-514)

Liestøl, "Computer games and the ludic structure of interpretation" (pp. 327-358)

Jenkins, "The war between effects and meanings" (pp. 208-221)



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Wed. 11.19

NCA / no class

Mobile media


de Souza e Silva, "From cyber to hybrid" (pp. 261-278)

Farley, "Mobile telephone history" (pp. 22-34)

Mann, Nolan & Wellman, "Sousveillance" (pp. 331-355)

Dourish, "The infrastructure of experience and the experience of infrastructure" (pp 414-430)



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Wed. 11.26


Thanksgiving (no class)
Wed. 12.03 Final presentations






- Final paper due

Finals Week

Wed. 12.11 no class