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COM487::Internet & Society
Instructor: Dr. Adriana de Souza e Silva




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Popular press:
Wired News (
Created by Nicholas Negroponte, this is one of the most popular technology and new media online magazines. Great source of information.

New Scientist (
Also good source of information on technology and internet.

The New York Times (
The Technology section has often very good articles.

InfoSync World (
Latest news and reviews on digital technology.

Technology Review (
From MIT. Information on Emerging Technologies & impact on business & society. Check the Infotech section.


Internet studies, news, blogs:
(Note: This is a very small sampling of what is available. Rather than list everything possible please refer to these sites for additional links.)

Mobile Research Forum (
That's a site sponsored by the a site sponsored by the European Centre for Digital Communication, targeted at people involved in mobile research.

The Feature: It’s all about the mobile Internet (
A project originally funded by Nokia and headed by Howard Rheingold. One of the best sources for mobile content. The archives are still online.

Smart Mobs (

Howard Rheingold's website about mobile technologies.

Association of Internet Researchers (
The Association of Internet Researchers is an academic association dedicated to the advancement of the cross-disciplinary field of Internet studies. It is a resource and support network promoting critical and scholarly Internet research independent from traditional disciplines and existing across academic borders. The association is international in scope.

Privateline. Com (
History of wireless, basic principles of cellular technology.

International Telecommunications Union (
An excellent source of information on Internet development in all regions of the world.

Digital World Research Centre (
The Digital World Research Centre (DWRC) is a multidisciplinary research centre at the University of Surrey that investigates the relationships between people, society and digital technologies.

Janet Murray's Hamlet on the Holodeck book website: (


Representative Academic Journals on the Internet and New Media:
Convergence (

New Media & Society (
New Media & Society is an international journal that strives to stimulate examination of the social dynamics of media and information change. New Media & Society encourages critical discussion of the key issues arising from the scale and speed of new media developments, drawing on a wide range of disciplinary perspectives and on both theoretical and empirical research.

Information, Communication, & Society (
Information, Communication & Society (iCS) transcends cultural and geographical boundaries as it explores a diverse range of issues relating to the development and application of information and communications technologies (ICTs)

Space and Culture (
Space and Culture's unique focus is on social spaces, such as the home, laboratory, leisure spaces, the city, and virtual spaces.

IEEE Technology & Society (
The impact of technology (as embodied by the fields of interest in IEEE) on society, the impact of society on the engineering profession, the history of the societal aspects of electrotechnology, and professional, social, and economic responsibility in the practice of engineering and its related technology.

Mobilities (
Mobilities encompasses both the large-scale movements of people, objects, capital, and information across the world, as well as more local processes of daily transportation, movement through public space, and the travel of material things within everyday life. Recent developments in transportation and communications infrastructures, along with new social and cultural practices of mobility have elicited a number of new research initiatives for understanding the connections between these diverse mobilities.


Technical resources:
For APA Style
APA Style Guide (,
Purdue online writing lab (
The library also formats basic sources for you (
And if you don't find what you're looking for in the web sources above, go to the library and get the old good physical book:
Publication manual of the American Psychological Association, 5th Edition.


The Thirteenth Floor (1999) by Josef Rusnak

Virtual Worlds:
Active Worlds (
The Palace (
LambdaMOO (LamdaMOO unofficial homepage: